In JOBASI present the brand new atmospheric protection equipment called CIRRUS is characterized by being very technologically advanced, with a special profile and rounded tip captor, it is the latest addition to the market.
Why this very special way?
A lightning discharge starts its downward with a tracer that diffuses all sense. His approach to the soil makes any object a potential target for the impending discharge. The function of a lightning rod is to reduce this randomness and attract to you the radius in order to forward the current in a controlled manner and without damage to the ground.

Thus, CIRRUS with a small tip length, perpendicular grooves and a rounded shape, the inverse of most other equipment, a first instant during the radius of the discharge process, limiting the effect of corona at a second instant when a tracer down is close enough, it contributes to the creation of free charges.

A reliable product
Body and the terminal part of CIRRUS, consists of stainless steel for the purpose of a long life even in corrosive atmospheres. Aesthetically discreet, this surge arrester can be incorporated into all kinds of buildings or structures, having a total length of 2 m and a weight of 3.6 kg.

The effectiveness of its capture tip is demonstrated with the ability to successfully supplant several types of tests:

Dial Test Verification of dimensional characteristics Isolation and Preconditioning (salt fog and sulphurous atmosphere) resistance 100kA lightning impulse (10/350) efficacy trials in high-voltage laboratory

Consequently the CIRRUS and its entire range, are in accordance with the different standards: NF C 17102, 4426 NP and NP EN 62305.