Meet our JOBASI SK LED Floodlight

29 Jul, 2019

Why choose JOBASI SK LED Floodlight

JOBASI SK LED Floodlight are suitable for all types of lighting. Ideal for outdoor environments such as parking lots, courtyards, facades and building security, but also suitable for indoor spaces such as industrial buildings, pavilions and warehouses.
These LED lighting systems take the most out of the light emission , they do not radiate ultraviolet or infrared radiation and they they are a good substitute for traditional halogen lamp projectors . Being low power, they bring energy savings up to 90% and they have a longer lifespan when compared with the conventional lamps assembled systems.
Fully equipped, with a modern look and a compact design that facilitates the heat dissipation, they are commercialized with a support that easily adjusts to the desired position and adapts to any type of surfaces.

Main features of our SK LED Floodlight

Extremely robust, with high protection against external agents, the SK LED Projectors feature IP66 ingress protection, which makes them virtually impermeable to water and immune to dust. They are equipped with a cast aluminium armour and a tempered glass cover, which provides them with a high resistance to mechanical shocks. Provided with a colour rendering index CRI >80 our projectors have an efficiency ≥ 100-110 lm/w.

Available models

At JOBASI we sell seven models, all of them equipped with EPISTAR chips with a colour temperature of 4000 k. What differentiates our models is the power available that several between 10W and 200W, whose dimensions are directly proportional to the power emitted, ranging between 129 * 99 * 44mm for the smaller model and the 435 * 335 * 65mm for the larger one.

-SK LED Floodlight 10w
-SK LED Floodlight 20w
-SK LED Floodlight 30w
-SK LED Floodlight 50w
-SK LED Floodlight 100w
-SK LED Floodlight 150w
-SK LED Floodlight 200w

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