Anchor Clamp and Bracket for Tensor Nets with Neutral

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Body of the PA1500 Anchor Clamp in aluminium alloy of high mechanical resistance. Wedges in insulating plastic material of high mechanical, climatic and dielectric strength. Flexible stainless steel mooring spike, equipped with a removable saddle made of insulating material.
Body of the CA1500 Bracket in aluminium with high mechanical resistance.


Anchoring of the neutral tensor cable in French-type twisted nets.
The Anchor Clamp is attached to the pole by means of the Anchor bracket.
The bracket is fixed to the pole by means of 2 M16 screws or stainless steel tape ( consult chapter 13)
We supply the Clamp and Console separately, but we also sell them together:

Mooring Set SIMPLE PA1CA consisting of 1 clamp + 1 console.

Mooring Set PA2CA DOUBLE consisting of 2 clamps + 1 console.

Mooring Set TRIPLE PA3CA consisting of 3 clamps + 1 console.

9115000007PA15001 clampAnchor Clamp 54,6 mm²
9115000015CA15001 consoleBracket Clamp
9115000035PA1CA1 clamp + consoleMooring Set simple
9115000040PA2CA2 clamp + 1 consoleMooring Set double
9115000045PA3CA3 clamp + 1 consoleMooring Set triple