Earthing Copper Grids

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Copper grill 1000x1000mm, 2000x1000mm and 3000x1000mm.
Copper Grid 2000x1000mm with 4 tinned copper ribbons 30x2mm with 5m.
Copper wire mesh 2000x1000mm with 5m band all round.


Mesh earthing systems are a good cost-effective that work well in stony ground, reducing the step or contact voltages that may occur. It is recommended an horizontal instalation.

9123100278Grid1000 x 1000 mmCopper
91231002752000 x 1000 mm
91231002903000 x 1000 mm
9113100332Grid + Tape2000 x 1000 mm4 Tapes = 5000 x 30 x 2 mmCopper + Tinned Copper
9123100276Grid + StripeStrip 5 cm aroundCopper

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