Luminaire Goa

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Luminaire with tempered glass diffuser, resistant to thermal and mechanical shocks and cast aluminum body, with high reflective aluminum reflector.


Street Light with elegant and modern appearance. Structural design ensures easy installation. Compact with integrated electrical equipment. Models available with tubular sodium vapor lamp powers of 70w - E27, 100w 150w 250w and 400w - E40. The opening system operates through a locking clip. Sealed with IP65 ingress protection, it ensures a high level of tightness over time. Fixing of luminaire compatible with arms or tubes Ø 42 to 60 mm.

9123800660E27 Simple630 x 260 x 160 MM
9123800671E40 Simple
9123800672E40 Simple730 x 330 x 160 MM
9123800661VS-70W E27without lampVapor Lamp630 x 260 x 160 MM
9123800662with lamp
9123800663VS-100W E40without lamp
9123800664with lamp
9123800665VS-150W E40without lamp
9123800666with lamp
9123800667VS-250W E40without lamp730 x 330 x 160 MM
9123800668with lamp
9123800673VS-400W E40without lamp810 x 340 x 200 MM
9123800674with lamp

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