Preinsulated Compression Junction Sleeve

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Pre-insulated coupling with aluminium body. It is manufactured with a high quality material. The plastic coating holds with high UV resistance and dielectric strength over 6 KV.
The aluminium body also has a conductivity of 1050 A and contains dielectric mass inside.


Used for the connection of two insulated LV network conductors. For installation by E140, E173 or E215 hexagonal compression fittings.
The connectors are in accordance with the standards NF C 33-021 and EN 50-483.

9123000790MJPB 1616 mm²Matriz E140Blue
9123000791MJPT 16Matriz E173
9123000800MJPB 2525 mm²Matriz E140Orange
9123000801MJPT 25Matriz E173
9123000803MJPT 25/1625/16 mm²Orange - Blue
9123000810MJPB 3535 mm²Matriz E140Red
9123000811MJPT 35Matriz E173
9123000820MJPT 5050 mm²Yellow
9123000805MJPT 50/2550/25 mm²Yellow - Orange
9123000822MJPT 54 (NEUTRO)54 mm²Black
9123000830MJPT 7070 mm²White
9123000851MJPT 70/3570/35 mm²White-Red
9123000852MJPT 70/5070/50 mm²white-yellow
9123000840MJPT 9595 mm²grey
9123000855MJPT 95/7095/70 mm²Grey-White
9123000860MJPT 120120 mm²Matriz E215pink
9123000865MJPT 150150 mm²purple

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