Protection Housing for Low Voltage Power Grids

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Box and cover made of self-extinguishing fibreglass reinforced polyester, resistant to chemical agents, corrosion and ultraviolet rays.
Grey box RAL 7035, IP33, IP44, IK08, Class II.
Electrolytic copper busbars with phase and neutral sections 20x5mm and public lighting section 20x3mm. Linear tripolar fuses of the triblock type size 00, rated current Ie 160A, IP20.
Hardware and fastening bolts in hot-dip galvanised steel.


Protection housing are used outdoors to protect low voltage power grids, bundled conductors, as protection for power lines derived from a main line, for protecting a power branch or combining these two functions.

9123801300LV Protection Housing with screws + fittings
9114000060LV Protection Housing - Size 2
9114000090Complete Protection Housing for LV Power Grids
9114000100Complete Protection Housing for LV Power Grids without triblocks

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