Rail Web Cables Connection Kit

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Kit consisting of:
A- Bush Type Tin-plated copper with external Ø 30 mm = 1 un.
B- Washer Type Tin-plated copper with external Ø 30 mm = 1un.
C- Bolt HEX M12x60 Stainless Steel A4 = 1 unit.
D- Selflock Nut HEX M12 Stainless Steel A4 = 1un.
E- Flat washer M12 Stainless Steel A4 = 1 un.


For grounding. It offers a low electrical resistance interface between the rail network and the terminal handle. Simple and fast installation. Very easy to connect and disconnect cables.
Installation carried out by Hydraulic Tool with plungers OG 13,2 and gauge CAL 19,20.

9113101990Rail 14-16,5 mm / Hole Ø19 / Screw M12Cable to Rail Coupling Kit

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