Suspension Assemblies and Bracket for Insulated Neutral Messenger

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Suspension Assemblie PS1500 with mobile connection in insulating plastic with high mechanical, climatic and dielectric strength. Suspension Bracket CS1500 composed of cast aluminum.


In-line or angled suspension with tensioning neutral.
Fixing of the suspension clamp to the pole using 1 screw or stainless steel tape (see chapter 5).
We sell the Clamp and Suspension Console separately or together:
Suspension set (PS1CS) composed of 1 clamp + 1 console

9124300020PS 1500 / 541 clampSuspension Clamp 54.6 mm²
9115000017CS 15001 consoleSuspension console
9115000050PS1CS1 clamp + consoleSuspension set

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