Suspension Clamps

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Suspension clamp with metal body in electro-zinc coated steel (AZ), hot galvanized (AG) or stainless steel (AI).
Rubber core with high mechanical, climatic and dielectric strength.


Used in the suspension of self supporting bundles. Different capacities are available to adapt to the cable diameter. The clamp can be attached directly to the pole by an Iron with Pigtail Hook.

9113000070PS AZ 3252×6 – 3×25
9113000071PS AG 325
9113000075PS AI 325
9113000080PS AZ 4252×16 – 4×25
9113000081PS AG 425
9113000085PS AI 425
9113000090PS AZ 504×25 – 4×50
9113000091PS AG 50
9113000095PS AI 50
9113000100PS AZ 954×70 – 4×95
9113000101PS AG 95
9113000105PS AI 95