The expansion and modernization of rail networks has been an ongoing focus to optimize transport efficiency in Portugal. With clear advantages in terms of capacity, energy efficiency and emissions reduction, rail plays a crucial role in the global transport infrastructure.

In order to keep up with the challenge of improving and expanding rail infrastructure, JOBASI has created a complete range of solutions dedicated to this chapter.

This range covers everything from catenary to earthing networks; we have tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of each project.


One of the fundamental components of electrified railroads is the catenary, a system of cables and supports that suspends the contact wires above the rails.

These wires supply electricity to trains equipped with electric traction systems, enabling efficient and environmentally sustainable operations. The overhead contact line is therefore essential for the electrification of railway lines, offering significant benefits in terms of energy efficiency, emission reductions and operating costs.

Our catenary solutions cover a wide range of items from cables, profiles, threaded elements, support elements and structural joints. Thanks to our design team, we are able to optimize and develop each solution to meet the specific needs of each project, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and performance.

grounding system

In addition to the overhead line, another critical aspect of the railway infrastructure is the earthing network, which consists of a series of buried conductors designed to ensure the proper dissipation of electrical currents and protect against insulation faults. This network plays a crucial role in the safety and integrity of the railway electrical system, minimizing the risks of electric shock and damage to equipment.

Our earthing solutions cover a wide range of items from Buried Earth Cables, Earth Bars, Terminals, Earth Electrodes and more.